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Honey Hams Originator of the first low-salt ham, Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams are also 90% fat free - virtually unheard of for a natural bone-in ham. In addition the company has invented a honey glazed, spiral sliced, fully cooked boneless turkey breast and it was awarded a US Patent (#RE37,374) for this unique product.

Today, the once one-item operation boasts delectable meats from across the board including prime rib roasts, boneless pork loins, chicken breasts and rotisserie chickens, plus a Cajun turkey seasoned with Zatarain’s seasoning. Other Logan Farms specialties include the Logan Farms Hickory Smoked Turkey, Beef Brisket, Louisiana "Tur-duc-hen", Logan Farms line of choice steaks, gourmet mustards, mixed gourmet beans for soups plus a deli section with a wide variety of Po-Boys and specialty sandwiches.  At participating stores, Homestyle plate lunches are prepared fresh daily.




Hams were brought to this country by our forefathers. Indeed, George Washington had his own smokehouse on the grounds of his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia and his favorite dish was rumored to be "smoked ham with sweet glaze."

Expanding on this American tradition is the spiral sliced honey glazed ham business, an industry which in the last 30 years, has grown more than any other specialty meat product business in the United States. And yet, the market is virtually untapped!

What makes this product so much more popular than the ham you have found in your grocery store for years?

The Value-Added Factors: A bone-in ham, not water added or reformed… a special slicing method which completely spiral slices the ham around the bone while leaving it intact… a special glaze application… traditional smoking… a fully cooked, ready-to-serve gourmet ham for any occasion.




There is no denying the fact that Logan Farms attention to creating a healthier product is a key factor in the Logan Farms success story.

Due to the exclusive Logan Farms "Lite Cure," the Logan Farms Honey Glazed Ham has approximately 30% less salt than any other spiral slice, honey glazed hams on the market. Care is given to process a very lean ham. Externally, all but 1/8" fat cover is trimmed from the ham before smoking. Internally, the hams are approximately 90% fat free. The Logan Farms Spiral-Sliced Honey-Glazed turkey breast is 98% fat free. Contract guidelines with our smokehouses insure that these specific cures and specifications remain confidential and are adhered to at all times. Logan Farms techniques in spiral slicing and honey glazing is also unmatched. The Logan Farms glaze is our own secret blend of rich honey and savory spices which hardens to a candy crust glaze. Because of the special method used in the spiral slicing of our boneless hams and boneless turkey breasts, these products have been issued a patent through the U.S. Patent Office. The Logan Farms spiral slicing machine has been patented as well.


The name "Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams and Market Cafe" is a registered trademark of Logan Farms, Inc.

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