Honey Glazed Ham, Gourmet Meats & Catering at Logan Farms!

Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams are hickory smoked, spiral sliced and honeyglazed. We select only the finest hams, carefully trim and dry cure each one using a special low salt recipe, then add a mouthwatering crunchy glaze of rich honey and savory spices. The result is a fully cooked, irresistibly delicious honey glazed ham that’s perfect for any occasion.


Honey Glazed Ham – Bone-In Half

Our fully cooked Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams are hickory smoked, spiral sliced and baked with a thick and rich honey & spice glaze – a table-ready, gourmet ham that makes any occasion truly special.

Cajun Spiced Turkey – Whole Turkey

This Louisiana tradition is not for the timid! Again, selecting only the youngest and most tender big-breasted hens, we pump our turkeys full of Louisiana Cajun seasonings made exclusively for Logan Farms.

Texas Smoked Brisket

Logan Farms Texas Smoked Briskets are specially selected and trimmed for leanness. Our briskets are hand rubbed with seasonings and then ever so slowly smoked for 10 hours over Texas hardwoods.

Hickory Smoked Turkey – Whole

Order the holiday tradition, the Logan Farms Smoked Turkey hen is easily the juiciest and most tender smoked turkey you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying!


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Logan Farms Gift Cards are the perfect gift for friends, family, employees and business associates. Our meats will be the center of any special occasion for all.


We strive to make the highest quality, best tasting products on the market. If you are not 100% satisfied, we want to make it right – right away.

Honey Glazed Ham, Gourmet Meats & Catering at Logan Farms!

Our other Gourmet Meats include choice grade, center cut filet mignons, smoked briskets, smoked turkeys, Cajun style turkeys, and St. Louis style ribs, year-round. If you’re redeeming one of our famous gift cards, you can count on this great selection anytime you visit us. Learn more about our catering services that are perfect for any event!

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The originator of the first low-salt, honey glazed ham. We are a Houston based, family owned business that began in 1984.

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